Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix Review

Rainbow Riches is a popular slot franchise, with that familiar Irish theme and dancing leprechaun. But Pick'n'Mix adds something special to the experience, letting you choose exactly which bonuses you enjoy the most, and making them land as often as you like. Learn more about how you can find that pot of gold you like at the end of the rainbow in our Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix slot review.

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Our Verdict

If you know what you want in your particular pot of gold, you can find just what you're looking for with Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix.

What we like
  • Wide range of bonuses available
  • Bright, vibrant graphics and design
  • Ideal for medium-high stakes players
  • You can get exactly what you like from the game
What Can Improve?
  • Some bonuses are better than others
  • Hard to consider this a traditional slot game

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About Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix

Before we go into the features of this game and what makes it so popular, it's important to realize that there is a variable Return to Player (RTP) percentage depending on how much you wager. Betting less than $1 per spin puts the house edge at 6%, while more than $1 per spin makes your RTP go up to 96%. Use the big bet option, and the returns rise to 98%. So, if you aren't prepared to wager at least $1 per spin, it's probably best for you to find another game.

Choose your favorite bonuses and start winning big across the 20 paylines of this unique online slot.

Giving players the chance to get exactly the bonus experience they crave makes this an ideal game for veteran slot players who know what they want.

Rating 94%
- Claire Fraser, Senior Editor
  • Choose the bonus games that you like the most
  • Free spins, instant cash prizes and massive multipliers
  • Stunning graphics are upgraded from the original game
  • Use the big bet option to boost your odds and play more bonuses

When you start playing, you'll be shown the 5 different bonus games available and asked to choose your 3 favorites. You can even choose one, if you only want to play a particular bonus game every time the bonus round is triggered. There are excellent bonuses to choose from, ranging from free spins to instant wins and other unique extras. You may want to try them all, and you can change your pick after each spin, or after each big bet, as the case may be.

In other Barcrest slots, you'll use the big bets to increase the bonus frequency or make certain icons sticky. Here it's a bit different. When you use the big bet feature, you'll get dials in front of you for each of the bonuses you chose when you launched the game. They are filled with a rainbow section and a green area. Spin the dial and you'll trigger the bonus if you land in the rainbow, or you'll get 5 big bet spins if you land in green, where you can still trigger the bonus by getting 3 or more scatters.

Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix screenshot Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix screenshot Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix screenshot Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix screenshot

Where To Play Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix

You can play this game at a wide range of top-rated online casinos that offer Barcrest games. If it's more convenient for you, you can download the software to your computer or mobile, or else you can play no download Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix instantly in your browser. Whichever way is best for you, you'll get access to the same great game.

How We Review

Each slot review evaluates a wide range of criteria to be as detailed and honest as possible. These elements include:

Graphics & design: Does the game look and sound good? How do the sound effects and visuals combine to create an immersive experience?

Bonuses & extras: Spinning the reels is fun, but players like to feel rewarded with something extra. What does this title give you that makes it uniquely exciting?

Return to Player: Slots are lots of fun and very exciting, but they also need to payout at a reliable rate. How often can you expect to win and lose with this game?

Coins & payouts: Is this a game for penny players or high rollers? How much will you need to wager per spin, and what kind of payout can you expect?


The maximum payouts you'll find are 500x your stake, with the next highest giving you 400x and 200x. While you may find higher payouts at other slot games, these are much more reliable and are still nothing to sneeze at. We're sure that many of you will happily do a little jig when they get 500x their wager on a single spin of the reels.

Graphics and Design

While the core graphics and styles are drawn from the original Rainbow Riches franchise, they've been upgraded for the Pick'n'Mix game. This means that the icons look even better, the animations are upgraded and everything simply looks and feels better thanks to improved resolutions and optimization. The soundtrack is definitely Irish and adds to the theme of the game, but if you're not a fan, it can get a bit irritating after a while.

Payouts and Prizes

The coins in this game range from $0.01 all the way up to $25, which means that you could play for $0.20 up to $500 per spin. While the best odds come from the big bets, which bring the RTP to 98%, you may find that this essentially turns your game into one where you buy bonuses and watch them play out. This could be either a great thing or make you wonder if this is really even a slot game anymore. If you are going to simply play it as a normal spin and win game, you'll want to make sure that you can wager more than $1 per spin, or you'll be facing a 6% house edge.

Play on Mobile

Spin the reels from the palm of your hand when you play Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix on mobile or tablet. Whether you like to play on the go or at home, you'll be able to win big when and where you choose. Use your favorite online casino and you'll be able to switch seamlessly between your computer and mobile, all with the same account, wallet and VIP progress.

Barcrest has worked hard to make some of the best mobile slots gaming experiences that you can find. They're always striving to improve the software, particularly for players across a wide range of platforms. Thanks to instant play and HTML5, you'll be able to play on iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle Fire and BlackBerry smartphones and tablets. While the game runs on almost any modern device, you'll probably have the best time playing Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix on an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

If you like to play while on the go, it's very important to be aware of your surroundings. While using WiFi can help to reduce any data usage that the game requires, you should check that you aren't using an open WiFi network before making deposits or withdrawals as the connection might not be secure.

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This Rainbow Riches Pick'n'Mix slot shows how choice and a fun game design make for a high - quality game that will appeal to veteran slot players. While it might be a bit complicated for newcomers, it is sure to give experienced slot players exactly the kind of gameplay that they enjoy the most. Start playing at one of our top - rated online casinos today and find your unique pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!