Online Casino Security Guide: Player Protection

Learn about online casino security measures for their players

Your Expert Guide to Casino Security 2024

There are hundreds of licensed and respectable casinos to play at in 2024. But how can you be sure your personal details are protected, as well as your bankroll?

Like online banks, internet casinos use the highest levels of security and encryption to make sure your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands. And solid licenses mean your cash is protected if anything bad happens.

There is some good housekeeping to do if you're looking to join an online slots site. All it takes is a little homework and a read of the casino's terms pages. Alternatively, to save time, read our expert guide right here.

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How Online Security Helps Players

Think of your favorite online casino like a bank. It holds money for you to play with, and any winnings have to be protected before they are cashed out. And just like banks, casinos have to have proper security protocols in place to keep the hackers at bay. Encrypted payments and usernames are essential as part of a casino's back end.

After you log in to your casino account, all information and details sent to the site are encrypted. Sites use 128-bit or 256-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. This scrambles any parcels of data sent over the web so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. The name may change, and the security providers differ, but essentially the SSL encryption does the same thing. When you play at one of our recommended casinos you will never need to worry about third parties getting hold of your data.

Some casinos will refuse to store credit and debit card details on their servers after a deposit. Instead, an electronic "token" is put in place so that the casino knows what payment method you have used before.

Stay Safe With Our Top 5 Tips

As well as casinos offering security, it's important you take measures to stay safe too. Here are five handy tips if you download software or play when you're out and about:

  1. Choose Your Passwords Carefully: If you have multiple gambling accounts, don't use the same password. Mix up your usernames and passwords and make them difficult to guess to reduce the risk of being hacked.
  2. Watch Out for Wi-Fi Spots: Wi-Fi hotspots aren't always secure so be sure your connection is safe if you are logging in in public. 3G or 4G connections or a VPN are sometimes a better alternative.
  3. Update Your Software: Download casino apps are usually updated regularly. Don't ignore them: the updates have important upgrades to security.
  4. Secure Your PC or Tablet: Even though online casinos have security, it's good to have anti-virus software on your machine as well. Many of the best programs are free and will protect you from rogue downloads.
  5. Watch Your Bank Transfers: A bank transfer can be a good option if you don't have a card, but credit and debit cards can offer much better protection for gamblers.

Understanding RNGs

When you spin online slots, you want to know that the software is totally legit. Video slots are governed by special algorithms that determine where the reels stop. The algorithms, produced by RNGs random number generators) are totally random, although they are determined as soon as you hit the spin button.

Fair RNGs are taken very seriously by the casinos. They govern everything from the deal of the blackjack cards to the spin of a roulette wheel and the reels on the slots. To ensure total fairness, RNGs are regularly tested by outside regulatory bodies. These are completely independent from the casino itself.

You'll usually find the license logo on the casino homepage. Some casinos allow players to download testing certificates too from bodies, such as Gaming Laboratories International and eCOGRA.

How Random Number Generators (RNGs) Keep Your Gaming Safe

The better the RNG, or the more random it is, the better the experience for the player. This is why RNGs are put through thousands of tests by regulatory bodies working independently of the casino. You can find their certificates on the casino site or read more about them at their websites below. The testers also perform checks on game payouts, RTPs (return to player percentage) and investigate fraud in live dealer games:


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Why Being Licensed Matters

Depending on the jurisdiction where the casino is licensed, there will be certain duties the gambling site must undertake.

Most jurisdictions like the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) have their own Data Protection Act. Any casino licensed under there must comply with the country's data laws. Most gaming licenses are only issued if the casino keeps players' funds separate from operating costs. These are called "segregated funds".

Regulation requires this in the event that the casino goes bankrupt or into liquidation. A separate bank account must be set up to hold player funds which can only be withdrawn by the players themselves. Funds, therefore, are always available for cashout, no matter what. Licensing also stipulates that independent software audits must be carried out routinely as well.

Can I Trust Online Casinos with my Money?

In most cases, player funds are kept separate from operating costs (known as segregation) so should anything ever happen to the casino, your money is kept totally safe, even in case of bankruptcy. It's another way that casinos keep you safe.

Finding a Secure Online Casino

Security isn't just about protecting your card details. It's also about providing a safe, secure environment where you can gamble without any problems. Licensed sites are required to make sure your money is safe, the games are fair, and payouts are quick and accurate. And if there are any disputes, casinos should also provide swift resolutions for their customers.

Finding a safe casino is easy, but don't be lazy and go for the first shiny website you find. Do your homework, check the company history and customer experiences, and then make your first deposit. If you don't want to do your own research, why not use ours to your advantage? At, our review team tests sites from top to bottom and only recommends an online casino if it passes with flying colours.

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