Privacy and Cookie Policy

Here is laid out the Privacy and Cookie Policy (from here on referred to as just "Privacy Policy"), which you ("you", or the "user") should become closely acquainted with before you begin using our webpage.

This Privacy Policy has been compiled by the legal staff of (the "Company", "we", or "us") in order to introduce our users to the processes which we follow when we collect, store and handle data via our Website (the "Website"), and to explain the reasoning behind these processes.

The goal of our Website is to inform users about certain gaming websites and to provide news and updates about the online gaming industry. Our content may occasionally contain hyperlinks or adverts that lead you to third-party websites (together with the Website jointly referred to as the "Services"). Such third-party websites are business partners of the Company but they are independent entities, which have their own privacy and cookie policies in place. This means that before you begin interacting with those third-party websites, you should first read their privacy policies carefully. The Company carries no liability for any data delivered to third-party websites.

Your continued interaction with our Website provides us with your informed consent to our data collection and data handling processes as described in this Privacy Policy document.

Types of information collected

1. Non-personal Information

The Website only gathers anonymous data from your device, which cannot lead to personal identification. This is referred to as "Non-personal Information" in the rest of this Privacy Policy.

Most of this data will come to the Website directly from the device you use to access our Website, and will contain information such as the operating system you are using, the type and version of your browser, the language you view our Website in, aggregated data on when you access our Website, for how long and how you interact with it, and your IP address.

Cookie Policy

Our Website uses cookies as a way of separating users from one another, and in order to ensure that our Website runs smoothly. A 'cookie' is a small data packet which is created and sent to your device every time you access a website. This data records your Website preferences in order to provide you with a more satisfactory browsing experience. Below is a detailed description of the different types of cookies our Services use:

  • 'Session cookies' – this kind of cookie is created when you access a website and it is deleted when you end your browsing session. Session cookies can be switched off but they ensure the smooth running of our Website, so disabling them might reduce our Website's performance.
  • 'Persistent cookies' – this kind of cookie is usually kept for a longer period of time, dictated by the Privacy Policy of a website (usually not more than a year). While we do not use persistent cookies, some of our third-party affiliates use cookies in order to study users' behavior on our Website. There are two types of persistent cookies:
    • Functionality cookies – this kind of cookie is the way in which the Website distinguishes one user from another, leading to a more personalized Website performance;
    • Performance/analytical cookies – this kind of cookie collects Non-personal Information about the users accessing the Website and aggregates data about their patterns of Website usage so that the design and structure of the Website can be improved.

By continuing to use our Website you provide us with your acknowledgment and consent to the current Cookie Policy and to the cookies and other tracking technologies described in it. It is important to remember that cookies gather solely non-personal information.

You can choose to disable cookies by accessing your browser settings. However, by doing so our Services may not function at their full capacity, thus providing you with a less-than-satisfactory service.

Third-party hyperlinks

The current Privacy Policy applies to any personal and non-personal information that users submit to our Website, and to all tracking technologies, such as cookies, which are used by our Website. This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other websites, any third-party websites you access through our Website, or to the data you submit to such websites. Third-party websites are guided by their own privacy policies, and we strongly advise you to read their policies before you share any personal data with them. Any data which you submit to third-party websites lies outside of the Website's responsibility.

Using user information

The information, which we gather from our users, may be used for any of the following purposes:

  • Analyzing the relevance of our content to our users;
  • Improving our Services by taking into account user complaints and requests;
  • Performing research on non-personal user data with the goal of streamlining our Website;
  • Ensuring the safety and security of non-personal user data and the Website itself;
  • Aggregating non-personal user data in order to understand user needs and interests.

If a court request for anonymized user data is submitted to the Company, we are obliged to comply, as long as the request obeys the relevant laws and regulations.

Sharing your information

We may be required to share anonymized user data with a number of outside parties. The parties and the reasons we may do so are listed and explained below:

  • Third-party service providers

We may have to provide your non-personal information to some of our business affiliates, who carry out data analytics and research so that they can fulfill their responsibilities to the Company. Their tasks may include:

    • Collecting, aggregating and analyzing non-personal user data, and analyzing the performance of the Services; and
    • Providing you with relevant promotional materials.

When we share your information with our third-party service providers so they can carry out services for us, they protect and handle this information in the ways described in this Privacy Policy, ensuring its utmost security and obeying all relevant legislation.

  • Other disclosures

Further entities that may obtain restricted access to non-personal user information include our business advisers, financial auditors, and any third-party business partners and subsidiaries whose function is to streamline and troubleshoot the Website.

If the Company takes part in a business merger, the sale of the business or part of the business, or the purchase of a business or asset, non-personal user data may be shared with the potential buyers, sellers or involved parties.

Apart from the above corporate transactions and services, the Company may also be required to share non-personal user data in order to comply with a legal requirement or a court request, such as: to help enforce the legal rights of itself, its partners or the users; to protect intellectual property rights; to take action against illegal activities, suspicious transactions or fraud; to implement Company policies; to exercise its right to contest legal claims against it; and to protect the security of itself, its users and its business partners.

Security and transfer of information

A lot of time and effort is expended on ensuring that both our users and our Website are sufficiently secure. To achieve this, we adopt the best industry-approved security measures and use the most up-to-date security protocols to protect information transfers and avoid any data misuse. Since we do everything in our power to guarantee the security of our users' information, we do not take any responsibility for data leaks or data misuse.

Unfortunately, the internet is still not a fully secure medium since it involves multiple nodes and connections. While we are using the newest and best security systems and have taken all available security measures to protect user data, data transfers over the internet still carry a certain risk and their security cannot be guaranteed. As such, any risk involved in transferring data over the internet is carried solely by the user.

We are an organization with an international presence that includes both countries within the European Union (the "EU"), as well as countries outside it. As such, we are bound by the laws of a number of different countries. In the occasional cases when user data has to cross borders into or through countries which have less comprehensive data laws than those established and followed within the EU, all necessary precautions and measures will be taken to provide non-personal user data with the level of protection expected by our Privacy Policy and the strictest data protection laws which we follow. By sharing your non-personal data with the Website, you provide us with your informed consent to the above practices for protecting and handling your information.


We cannot stress enough that users below the age of 18 are legally forbidden from accessing our Website and making use of our Services, and of providing their non-personal information to our Website. Our Services have been created with individuals above the age of 18 in mind.

Privacy Policy updates

We recommend that you become closely acquainted with this Privacy Policy, which guides the collection and retention of non-personal user information for our Website. This Privacy Policy will be occasionally updated in order to reflect any changes carried out in the Company's policies or the relevant laws and regulations. Whenever such changes are made, an official notice will be sent to all users via the Services or through our newsletter.

Your continued patronage of our Services after the notification has been sent out equals your informed acknowledgment of such changes.

Information about us

If after reading this document you would like more information regarding the ways in which the Services collect and process your data, you can send them to us on We do not process the personal data that may be held in such contact forms.

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