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Best Bonuses at Top Casino Sites 2024

Who doesn't want free cash? Online slots bonuses are just that: free cash from the casino to help you get started. These bonuses come in all shapes and sizes, and not all require you to make a deposit at the casino.

But which are best for you? That is the question we at will answer on this page. We'll guide you in finding:

  • The most free cash you can get from your chosen casino
  • How to get free spins on the latest online slots
  • A VIP scheme that will increase your bankroll
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Slot Machines Bonuses: How we Rate Deals

Most online casinos offer some kind of online slots bonus. They are a good way for casinos to bring in new players. Used wisely, they can be a good way for you to get started.

The important things we look for when hunting down the best online slots bonuses are:

  • The size, in real cash, of the bonus
  • The wagering requirement applied
  • The eligibility of each type of game
  • Added extras like free spins or a reload bonus
  • Speed of cashouts and bonus release

We make sure to rate all our top slots casinos in terms of their referral bonus. Just because a casino offers new customers '100% up to $1,000', we make sure to take a good look at the wagering requirements to ensure they are reasonable.

Not all games contribute 100% of towards unlocking your bonus either (slots games normally do, but other games like blackjack don't). Eligibility is a vital factor when working out whether a bonus is worth triggering and one we pay strict attention to as this varies from casino to casino.

Once you've successfully activated a bonus, your bonus release should be quick and the withdrawal of any winnings should be just as quick.

Why Casinos Offer Bonuses in 2024

Many internet casinos offer a referral bonus or welcome bonus to new players. They are great for giving new players a soft start to casino gaming. The more you deposit, the bigger your bonus (usually), although there are terms and conditions you should pay attention to.

Once you've had your welcome bonus is that it? Or are loyal casino players rewarded?

Of course they are. Reload bonuses reward regular players with similar "match" offers. This is typically 50-100% of your deposit, and there will be some conditions attached to that (so pay attention when reading them).

Of course, perhaps the biggest reason why casinos offer bonuses is a simple one: competition.

There are A LOT of online casinos (some of which are better than others) out there and they all want your business. So they will offer bonuses to get you to play at their site at not at any other site.

Great news for you. But how do you know which site, and which bonus, is best?

That's where we come in. We look far beyond the bonuses to ensure we bring you only the best gambling sites. Yes, the bonus is important, but you also want a good game selection, great customer support, and easy banking. Our best slots bonus sites for 2024 all offer that.


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Understanding Your Bonus

There are many types of online bonuses for slot machine players, and you should be familiar with all of them so you can choose which is right for you.

If you are super smart (and you are reading this site, so that's a sure sign you are) you can sign up with several sites and take advantage of a lot of deals at once. Yes, that will mean you have to make a deposit at each, but if you want to get lots of free bonuses it is the way to go.

Now let's get back to the different species of bonus.

1. Welcome Bonus: When it comes to online slots a welcome bonus is the most common offer you'll get. This works by "matching" your first deposit by 100% or 200%. So, if you deposit $50 at an online casino that gives you a 100% welcome bonus you will get another $50 as bonus cash that you can use to play slots.

So why not just make the deposit, withdraw the whole $100 and be up $50?

Well, believe it or not, casino sites are on to this kind of idea (and are not in the business of handing out free lunches). So when they hand you free money they require you to use it to actually play some games (and thus give them a chance to get their free money back). This is known as a wagering requirement.

Essentially, until you gamble a specified amount of money you are not able to make any withdrawals from your casino account.

So what's the size of the wagering requirement? It varies from casino to casino but is generally about 30 times the size of your bonus. That means if you accepted a $50 bonus you will need to gamble $1,500 before you can withdraw any winnings.

Any jackpots you hit still get credited to your casino account (whether you won them with your own money or with bonus cash). You just can't withdraw that money until you meet the playthrough requirement (although if you hit a jackpot you'll have plenty of money to gamble and churn through that playthrough bonus).

2. Reload Bonus: A reload bonus is very similar to a welcome bonus, but is often smaller than your welcome bonus. Match percentages are rarely 100% with this bonus. Yes, it will also have a playthrough requirement.

3.Free Spins: If you are lucky you might get a free spins bonus added on to your welcome deposit bonus. These consist of a set number of free spins on a big name slot. Look for these amongst a casino's regular promotions too. It is important to note that if you win anything with these free spins you may also be required to gamble those winnings before you can withdraw them.

4. No-deposit Bonus: If you don't want to put any money in a site then look for one of these. A no deposit bonus gives you some free cash to gamble with even though you haven't put any cash into the site. You'll receive some free bets to wager with, and these may be combined with some free spins. However, (you guessed it) any winnings will need to be gambled before they are released. Although, that is only fair as you haven't risked a cent.

5. VIP Bonus: If you are really into playing slots and are making regular deposits at a casino, you could qualify for a VIP Bonus. VIP Bonuses come in a wide variety of forms, but they are all good. At the higher VIP levels it can even include travel and gifts. It is for high rollers, but the rewards are really nice.

A Comparison Of Online Slots Bonuses

Here's a handy comparison chart for typical bonus offers you will find at online slots casinos. Wagering requirements and match percentages can vary a lot, but these can serve as a rule of thumb.

Bonus Name New Players Allowed Deposit Needed? How Does It Work Wagering Requirement Match Percentage
Deposit Match Bonus Yes Yes 0-30 free spins on selected games. Winnings must be wagered to get released. 25-50x 50-200%
Free Spins Yes No After a first deposit, players have a time limit to "play through" their deposit amount on eligible games. 25-50x n/a
Reload Bonus Yes Yes Follows a welcome bonus and usually is a fraction of the amount. Reload bonuses can be for regular customers too. 25-50x 25-50%
No-Deposit Bonus Yes No For new customers. Players get to gamble on any games for a set time period. Winnings must be wagered to be released. 40-50x n/a
Loyalty/VIP Scheme Yes Yes Open to all customers. The more you play, the more player points you earn. Points can be converted into cash or prizes. 20-50x n/a

Online Slots Bonus Pros & Cons

The pros of a bonus are simple: they give you free cash. That lets you make more bets than you would if you were using just your own money. More bets mean more chances to win.

Free spins and reload bonuses are great to keep you moving along, while no deposit bonuses are awesome when you just want to test the water and are not yet ready to risk any of your own money.

So, what are the cons? Just one: playthrough. You have to gamble a fair bit to be able to withdraw your winnings and it is important to read the terms and conditions to know exactly what you are getting into. Although, if you are playing at a recommended site you'll get fair treatment and need not worry about a casino backing out.

Understanding Bonus Playthrough

Every bonus has a wagering, or 'play through', requirement attached. It's only realistic when you think about it. Otherwise everyone would make a deposit and immediately withdraw their bonus cash. Most casinos would be bankrupt by the end of the day.

However, what you should do, rather than be worried about how playthrough works, is simply work out the amount you have to gamble before you can make any withdrawals (and before you choose how much to deposit).

For example, if you deposit $100 at a 100% match and you have a 40x playthrough requirement, you will have to gamble $4,000 before you can withdraw your winnings. Remember, bonuses are optional. If you don't accept one you can withdraw right away.

Step-By-Step: How To Get A Slots Welcome Bonus

If you want to get your hands on bonus cash to play some slots, you'll need to make a deposit at an online casino.

The steps to do this are actually very simple:

  1. Sign up for an account.
  2. Choose a deposit method in the online casino's cashier interface.
  3. Make sure you enter your bonus promo code when depositing.
  4. Your bonus will be credited.
  5. Keep track of how much you gamble to know when your withdrawal function will be unlocked.

Play At The Best Casinos

Even if you got your hands on an enormous slots welcome bonus, it won't mean a thing if you are playing at a bad casino site. So, our team has hunted down the best, most reputable online slots sites offering solid bonuses to make sure you don't put a foot wrong.

If you want fast bonus release times, high match offers, or added extras like free spins, our team of experts have you covered with their top picks. And if you want more information on why our chosen sites are great, check out our expert reviews to ensure you get a great online slots bonus from a fantastic site.


100K Free Coins & 200 Free Spins

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visa deposit option mastercard deposit option maestro deposit option


Online Slots Bonuses: FAQs for Players

Still puzzled by casino bonuses? Maybe this handy FAQ will help.

A slot machine's online bonus gives players free money if they gamble enough in a set time frame. Most slots are eligible, and many allow you to play roulette and other table games too.

You can, but only after you have met the playthrough requirements. These are always displayed in the terms and conditions, which we always recommend you read first.

Yes. You can trigger a deposit bonus when you sign up via a mobile or tablet. Sometimes casinos even offer exclusive bonuses that are only available for mobile gamblers.

Yes. There is nothing to stop you taking a welcome bonus from multiple sites. And once your normal welcome bonus has expired you may be eligible for reload bonuses and VIP promotions.

No. Free spins/bonus spins and no deposit bonuses are also available. There will still be a wagering requirement but the initial deposit is not needed.

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